Prevent Child Abuse Pickens - About Us
About Us
We are in the business of helping create positive and nurturing home environments to give our children and families the best possible opportunities to grow and thrive.  
You too can help us grow and enrich families' lives by volunteering for one of our programs, making a monetary donation or just by talking to us to give us your ideas, support talents.
Prevent Child Abuse Pickens serves as a resource for parents and families, connecting them with help, support, and resources. 
Staff & Board of Directors

June Ash - Executive Director
Jan Coleman - Parent Educator Supervisor
Janie McIntyre - Parent Educator
Jordan Thompson - Parent Educator

Board of Directors
Prevent Child Abuse Pickens is governed by a volunteer board of directors from Pickens County.

Dennis Santucci, President
Karen Santucci, Secretary
Barbara Byers, Treasurer

Gail Banks-Arp 
Tim Brazeau 
Ed Breitfelder 
Michelle Breitfelder 
Jena Finley 
Carolene Gaster 
Bill Gibson 
Pam Hayes 
Val Jacobson 
Linda Kadechuk 
Margy Lohman 
Gerard Monte 
Cindy Williams
Marc Williams 
Maria Bain 
Matt Ledford